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Pupil and Family Support Team

Meet Anna and Kay




For those who don’t know us and a reminder for those of you that do, we are the Pupil and Family Support Workers at Brunshaw Primary School – Anna and Kay.  At present Kay works Monday to Wednesday and Anna Wednesday to Friday and we are all term time workers.


We have an open door policy, although it is better to make an appointment to be sure we are available. We can see you in school or at home.


Between us we have a great deal of knowledge and experience that is beneficial to supporting the children and families at our school.


All support and advice is confidential. Although we can’t say we know all the answers, we can try to help and support you to find a solution or signpost you to the relevant agency for help. Sometimes as parents we just need someone to talk to and to be able to offload problems and worries, and we are here to help with this.


Parenting can be challenging at times and is often be stressful. We all know this as we are also parents!


We work closely with your children, their families, school staff and outside agencies to try to remove barriers to children’s learning to help them to reach their full potential.

Some aspects of our role is supporting with issues regarding:

• friendship

• behaviour - at home and at school

• money issues

• bereavement

• parental separation

• family illness

• housing issue

•linking with agencies and support group

• wellbeing support

• signposting to various agencies

• attending relevant meetings

• one to one support for pupils using a range of interventions


We also monitor and support the attendance of pupils and contact parents if there is a concern regarding attendance and/or punctuality.

You can contact us at or 01282 423280