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We have been working hard on fractions. Today we added fractions with different denominators by converting them to a common one. We used dominoes and cards to generate our questions!

Dividing 4 Digit Numbers by 1 Digit Numbers

This week we have been learning to divide 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. We explored using counters to help us visually and then moved onto our written method.

NSPCC Number Day

For the NSPCC Number Day, we spent the whole day focusing on numbers and looked into the amazing work the that NSPCC do.

During the afternoon, we enjoyed a 'place value game'. Each child took it on turns to flip over the cone, each cone was worth a different value from ones all the way to thousands. The children could only claim the cone if they were able to flip it, using their ball. It's harder than it looks but the children were determined.

At the end of the game, the children worked together to total up their cones to determine a winner.

Squared Numbers

Today we explored what a ‘squared number’ is! We made the first 9 using our counters. Daisy said 37 can’t be a squared number as you can’t form a square with 37 counters as there would be one left over!

Column Addition

Today we looked at using the  column addition method in Maths. We had to exchange when we had 10 or more counters in one column. We were so good at it!

Numbers up to 100,000

Today we have been learning about numbers up to 100,000. We used the place value counters to help us figure out the value of each digit! Look how well we did!