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Primary School

Sycamore Class

Tots on Tyres

This week reception have been completing the ‘Tots on Tyres’ course in the hall. They have been using balance bikes and have really developed their riding skills. We will continue to build on these skills during our wheelie Wednesday sessions on the yard.

Stay and Play

Thank you to all the Parents and Grandparents who came to stay on Thursday in Sycamore class. 

Making Poppies and Numbers From Loose Parts

Sycamore have been really busy this week. Look at our amazing numbers and the poppy's that we have made with loose parts.

Hammer Time!

In reception and year 1 this week we have started exploring our hammering skills by hammering golf tees into pumpkins.

Grouping and Counting Materials

In Sycamore, the reception children worked hard to sort out materials into different groups. We even counted how many were in each group!

Mud Art

We have been exploring painting with mud when we were playing outside! We talked about what would happen if we added more mud or water to our mud paint