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School Games

We are proud to have achieved the Silver School Games Mark award for our commitment and engagement in the School Games for 2021/22.

PE. school sport and physical activity resource

Over the past couple of weeks the Lancashire SGO team have been developing a PE. school sport and physical activity resource in line with our new School Games work programme.  The resource is centred around 4 key themes:


Move - helping children to achieve 60 active minutes


Learn - a FMS skill activity for KS1 and a KS2 sport skill activity adapted from the Lancashire SOW form a weekly PE activity for children to undertake


Challenge - A weekly personal best challenge linked to the weekly PE learn activity along with current trending or new challenges are included


Play - providing ideas and resources for children to be active through play



The links are as follows:


Year 1 & 2 (Overview)





Year 3-6 (Overview)





Any videos, photo's that are posted will go into a weekly prize draw.  This is for children only!  However to help this campaign gain traction it would also be good for you to have a go at the challenges and share this with your own children.  


Please use the #lancsgames20 and share on the following channels


Twitter - @BurnleySSP

Twitter – @LancSchoolGames

Facebook – @LancSchoolGames

Instagram – @lancashireschoolgames