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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is additional funding for schools that is to be used to raise the attainment of the most vulnerable pupils.


At Brunshaw Primary School there is a school-wide commitment to raising achievement outcomes for ALL pupils. A key objective for the use of the pupil premium grant is to close attainment gaps for all eligible pupils. Our belief is that the quality of teaching and learning is the most important factor in the achievement of all pupils (this is particularly true for pupils from areas with a high deprivation indicator). While we know that enriching classroom experiences are paramount in the Early Years, we also know that providing enhancements and enrichments to the curriculum are just as important. Experiencing the broader world is a crucial factor before joining it. In addition to these, some children will need more time and/or support to ensure they are able to fulfil their potential. In these cases, additional targeted intervention and support strategies are provided and the impact reviewed regularly. Common barriers to educational achievement faced by many of our eligible children are weak language and communication skills, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. A significant proportion of our pupils have been exposed to adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). These negative experiences can impact well-being and become contributing factors for mental health, attendance and punctuality and complex behavioural difficulties. Many of our children receive less support at home and there may also be complex family situations that can have an impact on children’s outcomes, affecting their ability to learn and make good progress.  The challenges are complex and varied, therefore, it is important that individual needs are effectively identified and met.   



  • For ALL pupils to achieve the highest possible standards and realise their full potential in all aspects of their learning 

  • To continue to sustain quality support for well-being/mental health issues 

  • To continue to further develop language and communication skills  

  • To continue to sustain attainment in reading, further developing every child’s love for reading  

  • To close the attainment gap in writing  

  • To further close the attainment gap in Mathematics  

  • To continue to improve confidence, independence, and self esteem  

  • To continue to improve the wider opportunities available for all pupils  

  • To continue to improve attendance and punctuality  


To continue to sustain positive parental engagement, support, and partnership work to further reduce barriers to learning