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Sports Funding


Brunshaw Primary School 2020/21 Sports Premium Funding


In 2020/21 Brunshaw Primary School will be allocated £20,500 (plus £5325 underspend due to COVID19 from 19/20) in Sports Premium Funding. This will be used in the following ways.


  • Re-establish opportunities for children to be as active as possible throughout the school day. To raise activity levels of children due to inactivity during Covid-19. Funding will aid school to fulfil this target.

  • Develop a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing. Using PESSPA as a tool to develop initiatives promoting healthy bodies and healthy minds. This will link to the school improvement target of supporting the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff.

  • Continue to broaden the range of skills we have amongst staff to be able to deliver a high quality and varied curriculum.

  • To implement a new teaching and assessment tool throughout the school for Physical Education through the new Lancashire P.E app. This will provide a detailed and accurate assessment for each child and aid fluid planning for teachers.

  • Provide a wide and varied curricular and extra-curricular offer to all pupils with a focus on outdoor activities such as Cycling. To also enrich the current offer with opportunities for children to access ‘alternative activities’ and to target specific groups of children.

  • Continue to provide a wide range of competitive opportunities for our children at varying levels . To embed intra school competition during curriculum time and break times.

  • Buy into local BSSP (Burnley School Sport Partnership) to ensure continuity and growth of local infrastructure. Universal offer for pupils and coordinated sports package.

  • To ensure that children have water confidence and competence, allowing them to achieve 25m unaided to meet government guidelines.

Please click on the tab below for a more detailed plan and school swimming data. This will allow you to access our ‘Evidencing the Impact of Primary Sports Premium’ document.