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Willow Class

Baby Chicks - Our Last Day

Today is our last day with the chicks! Before they go, we wanted to give them a taste of the outdoors, so we worked in groups to build some pens for them. We talked about making the walls high enough so they couldn’t fly away and checking for any gaps the chicks might be able to squeeze through. The children used their skills in teamwork, problem solving and resilience and each pen was successful in giving the chicks a safe sniff of fresh air!

Maths Sequencing

On Tuesday, we talked about carrying out activities in the correct sequence. First, we taught Buddy Bear how to brush his teeth. Then, we told Miss Lees the order of steps to make a jam sandwich. After that, we had a go at making our own. We all remembered the steps to make our sandwiches and enjoyed eating them too!

Reindeer Food

The children have had great fun making reindeer food.

Chistmas Themed Maths Day

We sang 5 Mince Pies in a Baker’s Shop.

Children bought a mince pie with a penny and took one away. We used our fingers to show the answers.

Shape Pictures

World Nurery Rhyme Week

Willow class enjoyed World Nursery Rhyme week. Each day we learnt a new rhyme and played games linked to it.

Autumn in Willow Class

Willow class have had a very busy week! We have been retelling the story Pumpkin Soup, sharing our Autumn treasures.

The Human Body

Willow class have been learning about bones in our body.

Our First Week

Willow class have had a wonderful first week in Reception