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Primary School


Message from the Headteacher


Here at Brunshaw Primary School we are proud to be a community school, working hard to serve our local community.


We aim to provide a personalised and meaningful education for all our pupils in a safe, caring and healthy environment.  We work hard to ensure all our children develop into happy, well rounded, respectful and confident individuals who always feel welcome at school and are therefore able to flourish and achieve their potential. 


We have the highest expectations of all our children for behaviour, academic achievement, attitudes to learning, and attendance; and we also maintain a positive partnership with our parents – our staff are always willing to listen!


We have a strong, enthusiastic team, who are committed to providing the very best outcomes for our pupils. Through this genuine dedication, strong leadership, high quality of teaching and engaging provision, pupils leave Brunshaw Primary School having accomplished their potential and feel well equipped for the next step in their learning journeys.


Best wishes,


Mrs G Smith


Meet your Head Boy, Head Girl and Deputies




We are Isaac and Eva, head boy and girl, and Luke and Courtney, the deputy head boy and girl. We are all in year six. You might see us around school carrying out tasks for the teachers and other staff. We are very excited to have this opportunity to help others in our last year at Brunshaw.  


Every Friday you will see us welcoming parents to Brunshaw’s Best assembly and, during the afternoon, watering all the plants in school. We will also be representing the school at lots of events and coordinating the other year six monitors.  


Thank you for choosing us to be Brunshaw’s first head and deputy boy and girl.