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Bug Club! School ID is hprg



BBC CBeebies Website Various websites including Alphablocks
Phonics Play (Free Resources) Fun games for phonics
ICT Games - Literacy Literacy Games
ICT Games - (Numeracy) Numeracy Games
BBC Bitesize - (Key Stage 1) Literacy and Numeracy activities
BBC Bitesize - (Key Stage 2) Science, Literacy and Numeracy activities
Maths zone Numeracy games and activities for ks1/ks2
BBC Numbertime Numeracy activities
Keyboard Game Big Brown Bear Keyboard Game
Tynker Coding for KS1


The Skeleton

Easy Science for Kids

Facts at your fingertips!

Facts about Skeletons!

Your bodies frame!


Animal Diet Game

Active Science

Science made simple

Primary Facts

Science Kids

Cool Kid Facts

What types of food?

Hour of Code

Omnivore,Herbivore or Carnivore?