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The Plague

On Wednesday, we kicked off our new History topic 'The Plague'. We invited the Heritage Learning Lancashire Outreach team to come into school and teach us some key information.

The children enjoyed learning about:

  • The disgusting symptoms of the plague.
  • The timeline of the outbreak.
  • Sources, such as the Mortality Bill.
  • The cause of the plague, ask your children about the cheeky Rattus Rattus.
  • The plague doctors, they even tried on a plague doctors mask! yuk!
  • The different cures people would use.

The children also took part in 'Lazarus Lottery' to see what their fate would be.

The children had a lovely afternoon and we're now ready to learn even more about the plague! I don't know about you, but I'm very grateful for modern medicine 😀.

Research challenge-

What does this nursery rhyme refer to?

What does each line mean?

Ring-a-ring o’ roses

A pocket full of posies;

atishoo, atishoo,

We all fall down.

Watch out! The Etymology Detectives Are About.


This week in our history lessons, we have been 'Etymology Detectives' 🕵🏻♀️ We have been looking at the origin of words and how the meaning has changed throughout history.

On the yard, definitions of the root word was displayed alongside 3 images. In their etymology books, they had to work which definition belonged to the word and image.

Did you know the word biology comes from the Greek work 'bio' meaning life. Ask the children if they can tell you any other words with 'bio' in 😀.