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History of Fashion

We had a fun introductory lesson to our new History topic this week in 5KS. We were exploring where our clothes came from in the past and in the present. We looked through lots of Mrs Knight and her family's clothes and discovered ALL were from abroad in places such as India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The video we watched confirmed now over 90% of our clothing is made abroad, due to it being cheaper.

Queen Street Mill Visit

This week we extended our History learning, on The Industrial Revolution, by visiting Queen Street Mill. We had already looked at the mill on photos, maps and had even had a look at the census to see who lived there! 

We got to dress up as a Victorian child and handle many different artefacts! We saw how they lived their lives, which was so much harder than how we have it now! We also got to explore the mill itself and look at all the different jobs that we would have done if we were living in this time. 

The children were so well behaved and made Mrs Knight so proud. You really showed off all your learning! 

Anglo Saxons

This week, we looked at whether the Anglo Saxons all came to Britain at once to invade. We also looked at other events that happened during the era, on a chronological timeline. We used base 10 to represent a century - each 'one' representing a decade!

Roman Artefacts

We have had a fabulous week in History – handling all the Roman artefacts from the local museum! We couldn’t believe how heavy they were and it proved how fierce and strong their army was! We also looked at how the British revolted and looked at one of their leaders – Boudicca. We studied her life and made a chronological human time line of her events!

Becoming James Bond!

Today in history we were real life British spies! We could see the Roman army trying to invade us in the sea, so we snuck out, hid in the bushes and looked for clues to see how vicious they were! We then ran back to our army and reported our findings. We discovered they had huge muscles, had deadly weapons such as spears and catapults, they had solid, heavy armour and good defence mechanisms such as shields, they even wore lion heads which they had killed themselves and wore them as a sign of victory! We didn't want to mess with them!