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On Friday 18th June we will be holding a 'Euro Day'. Each class has chosen their country for the tournament and on Friday they are to dress up in the colour of their country. Here is a list of classes with their chosen country. 


Nursery - Germany - Black, Red and Yellow

RE - Croatia - Red, White and Blue

RP - Austria - Red and White

1K - Belgium - Black, Red and Yellow

1W - Italy - Green, White and Red

2BT - France - Red, White and Blue

2VT - Russia - Red, White and Blue

3M - Poland - Red and White

3C - Finland - Blue and White

4S - Spain - Red and Yellow

4C - Ukraine - Blue and Yellow

5B - Scotland - Blue and White

5KS - Portugal - Red, Green and Yellow

6N - Wales - Red, White and Green

6L - Denmark - Red and White


Please don't go out and buy anything new, if you don't have the colours above, then any sportswear is fine.